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Evaluation - PowerPoint


PowerPoint Criteria (60 pts.)













Audience cannot understand presentation because there is no sequence of information

Audience has

difficulty following presentation because students jump around

Students present information in logical sequence which audience can follow

Students present information in logical, interesting sequence which audience can follow



Content Knowledge

Students do not have grasp of information; students cannot answer questions about subject matter

Students are comfortable with information and are able to answer only rudimentary questions

Students are at ease with content, but fails to elaborate

Students demonstrate full knowledge (more than required)  with explanations and elaboration



Students used

no visuals

Students occasionally used visuals that rarely support text and presentation

Visuals related to text and presentation

Students use visuals to reinforce screen text and presentation; include more than 2 mediums (ex: poster and PowerPoint)



Students mumble, incorrectly pronounces terms, speaks too quietly for students in the back of class to hear; talks to screen; reads off slides

Audience members have difficulty hearing presentation; talks to screen or reads off slides

Either reading off slides directly or talking to the screen instead of the audience

Students talk to class by summarizing slides and improvising when necessary.  Everyone speaks clear and loud



Students did not

successfully share the

information about their

web quest with the

class; no enthusiasm;

students not engaged

Presentation was good; students listened, but teaching methods made it hard to understand

Presentation went well; group employed various methods of teaching to engage students; somewhat creative

Presentation was great; there was a clear connection between the group and the students; all information relayed in a  creative manner